Waldorf Early Childhood Educator Training Auditing Options

We are opening some of our Waldorf Early Childhood Educator Training courses to auditors. Auditing is open to all current Waldorf class teachers and those enrolled in a Waldorf Early Childhood Educator training.

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Summer Courses & Workshops

The West Coast Institute, located in British Columbia, Canada, offers differing courses and workshops each summer for Waldorf teachers, and anyone who wishes to learn more about Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.

Summer training, courses and workshops are held at the Sunrise Waldorf School on Vancouver Island, in beautiful scenic British Columbia, Canada.

Our courses and workshops for summer 2021 have already happened. Please subscribe to our email list for information about next summer's offerings

Upcoming Events in 2022

Water Works Summer Camp for Families
a place to be with your kids

An exploration of art, science and nature

with Herb Walsh

Dates in 2022 to be decided; please fill out the Interest form to be notified.

Open to all.

Herb will guide families and individuals in the observation of the world of water science through a mixture of online presentations, home-based experiments and field trips into nature in our own neighborhoods.

The week will include water activity observation, plant growth forms, and an ongoing scavenger hunt with daily clues.

A family scavenger hunt will discover the water and nature forms in our everyday world and the growth stages of a plant, which will also be modelled with an inner search for form that invites the participants to create their own forms along the way.

This course is designed to get families, and friends, exploring natural phenomena together and off screen as much as possible.

Participants will have a chance to visit video resources before, during and after the workshop.

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Herb Walsh
Herb has been teaching practical arts: clay modeling, wood and copper, for WCI since 2017 and is a Board Member. He is semi-retired and makes his living doing small renovations and building furniture. Herb and his wife Monique have five sons and have spent many years as part of the Vancouver Anthroposophical community.

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