Summer 2021 Courses

The West Coast Institute, a WECAN Full Member teacher training institute, located in British Columbia, Canada, offers differing courses each summer for anyone who wishes to learn more about Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.

Summer training and courses are typically held at the Sunrise Waldorf School on Vancouver Island, in beautiful scenic British Columbia, Canada. Due to covid restrictions our courses will be held online this year. 

Water Works Summer Camp for Families
a place to be with your kids

An exploration of art, science and nature

July 26 to 30, 2021

with Herb Walsh

Herb will guide families and individuals in the observation of the world of water science through online explorations and home-based field trips into nature. Participants will be invited to play with clay by modelling the movement observed in water. A scavenger hunt will discover the growth stages of a plant, which will also be modelled with an inner search for form that invites the participants to create their own forms along the way. Participants will finish with engraving personal petroglyphs to record a part of our journey through this study of nature.

Please fill out our Interest Form so we design this course to meet your needs. The form will close on April 30th.

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Herb Walsh
Herb has been teaching practical arts: clay modeling, wood and copper, for WCI since 2017 and is a Board Member. He is semi-retired and makes his living doing small renovations and building furniture. Herb and his wife Monique have five sons and have spent many years as part of the Vancouver Anthroposophical community.

Waldorf Without Boundaries

A workshop for homeschooling parents

June or July, depending on survey results

with Kim Hunter and Diane Walters

Are you a homeschooling parent or thinking about homeschooling your child? Have you come across the Waldorf approach to education and wonder where to start? We want to hear from you!

The West Coast Institute has opened its virtual doors to parents who wish to know more about Waldorf Education and incorporate into a homeschooling program.

Please fill out this survey to create the course geared to meet YOUR needs and share with others to co-create a deeply inspiring and enlightening workshop. For filling out this survey we will gift you two articles, one from each of us, in appreciation of your time! This survey will close on April 30th.

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Kim Hunter
Early Childhood Educator, Kim Hunter, is passionate about her work with young children, she believes that children need LOVE and time and space to PLAY. She recognizes that culturally we are on a trajectory of over-intellectualizing children at ever earlier stages of development and is concerned about the impact this is having on human evolution – both individual growth and our development as a species. Hunter says, “I made the film, Time to Play! to try to make a difference in our understanding of what children need to support their development into free-thinking human beings who will be able to guide humanity to a better future.”

In 2016 Hunter received the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education for her work with young children. Since then, her film, Time to Play! has been in high demand and she travels the globe presenting at universities, colleges, conferences, to parent groups and at film festivals.

She homeschooled her daughter, now aged 28, from age 6 - 18.

Kim has been speaking on education at conferences, to parent groups and homeschooling parents for the last 5 years.  At the moment - due to Covid19 -  between gardening, being an activist and other hobbies, Kim is writing a book about homeschooling, and plans one day to return to working directly with young children.
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Diane Walters
Diane Walters MA, has 35 years of experience in Waldorf and alternative Unschooling Educational platforms. She is an educational strategist, Curriculum Artist and Solution Evangelist serving as a Homeschooling Consultant, keynote speaker, and Professional development mentor for teachers.  Her work is deeply informed by her life-long interest in education and in life, through the lens of Steiner’s educational philosophy, contemporary educators, theorists and futurists. She offers parent and faculty talks, webinars, and online participatory sessions to develop a greater understanding of what makes us human, how we learn, and how we teach, whatever the subject, the system, and the environment. Check out more

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