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IDEA Scholarship Fund

At the West Coast Institute we understand that each human being is an entity of body, soul and spirit; we respect the integrity and individuality of everyone.

We strive to provide educational training that is representative of the society we serve, acknowledging that this society includes all ages, a variety of gender identities, and diverse cultures and ethnicities. The greatest impact we can have on this effort is by making our educational training programs accessible and welcoming to a rich and diverse body of students. To this end we have established a scholarship fund for teacher training that is dedicated to aiding students from underserved groups and communities, with priority given to Black and Indigenous candidates.

The systemic change that is being undertaken in the Waldorf movement includes welcoming and making nourishing and inclusive space for more teachers of color who will infuse the work of Waldorf education with their authentic lived experience and perspective. In this way, as we take up the task of examining our role and responsibility in perpetuating systems of racism, we work towards a more just and equitable future for Waldorf education and the communities it serves.

Bursary Fund Donations

As we navigate this unique time together and recognize the far reaching effects of being separated as human beings, we at one of Canada’s major Waldorf teacher training institutions are meeting a situation that is asking us to think outside the box for new ways to carry our programs through this year.

Recognizing the necessity to satisfy the thirst of our students for this education, our Program Directors have been working with faculty and students to find a way of offering some of the anticipated classes in an on-line format; a format which will be the right balance to remain engaged, not overwhelm the senses and yet maintain the students’  interest and deep their understanding of our pedagogy and Anthroposophy.

Many of our students are struggling financially due to the shutdown of education and childcare settings because of Covid19. It is for this reason that we request contributions to our bursary programs.

Donations may also be made by cheque, tax receipts will be issued. (West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy 1014 LaBelle Road, Castlegar, B.C. V1N 4R3 Canada)


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