Financial Assistance

Please look through the financial information below to determine the best option for you.

AWSNA Loans & Grants

Financial assistance for Waldorf teacher education is available through AWSNA’s Teacher Education Loans and Grants Program. AWSNA Loans and Grants are available for ECE Birth to 7yrs Waldorf Educator Training and Grades Teacher Training.

Grants: An applicant who has been accepted into either of the Institute’s training programs, and is already teaching in a Waldorf classroom, can apply for the matching grant program. Whatever is requested, and can be allocated by AWSNA, must be matched by the school where the applicant is teaching. Where the combined total of AWSNA and school matching grants do not provide sufficient tuition to supplement the teacher’s own resources, applicants may also apply for a teacher education loan.

Loans: Any applicant who has been accepted into either of the Institute’s training programs, can apply for an AWSNA loan. These loans are forgivable if you are hired as a three quarter to full time teacher in an AWSNA or WECAN member school for a total of at least three consecutive academic years within three years after graduation. For each consecutive year that you teach, the loan will be converted to a scholarship up to the entire loan balance.

Applicants who begin teaching prior to graduation may have these years retroactively applied towards the three years of service, as long as one of the three years occurs in the year immediately following graduation. i.e. As long as you teach one complete year in an AWSNA-member school after you graduate from your teacher training, then the previous two years of teaching will also count. If you don’t teach one year after graduation, then the two previous years will not count.

You may ask for one year of loan deferral maternity leave or injury are possible reasons for this. After that one year, we resume as normal. If you’re not back to teaching then you would make arrangements to repay. It is not possible to grant more than a year deferral.

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AWSNA Loans & Grants Application Deadline
June 15th each year, before programs begin.

AWSNA Loans & Grants Application Forms
Loan Application form
CPT (Currently Practicing Teacher) grant application

Vidar Loan

Vidar Loan Process for WCI Students

The goal of this loan program is to ensure that there is support for any and all who are in or wish to enter into the two training programs offered by the West Coast Institute. 

The Loan Process
Vidar is the charity foundation that provides the funds for this loan program by loaning funds to the West Coast Institute. Interest-free loans for up to 80% of the yearly and total tuition and associated program costs (including books and travel) are available.

Bursary Potential for Canadian Students
The Vidar Foundation is offering a bursary of up to 50% of the total loan amount for Canadian students who complete their training. They will forgive 25% of the student’s loan as a bursary after the teacher has worked for a first school year at a Canadian Waldorf School, and a second 25% after a second completed year of teaching.

Community Co-Signers
Qualifying students would need to find a loan co-signer(s) to guarantee the repayment. The co-signer is guaranteeing payment of the loan if the student is unable to fulfill the loan repayment agreement.

Loan Administration Fee
The loan has a 5% administration fee of the loan amount, that goes to a growth contribution fund, with a maximum total of $600.00. The fee helps to build the fund for future students.

The administration fee is a one time fee and is paid at the beginning of the first year of study. If the student negotiates a loan for the second and/or third year of their training, the 5% administration fee will apply to that amount as well, falling within the guideline of a maximum total of $600.00 for this fee.

Loan Repayment
The loan repayment schedule begins 6 months after graduation, and can be up to a 5 year pay back term. The loan can be repaid in part or in full at any time, within the 5 year timeframe.

If the student withdraws from the program before graduation, repayment begins within 6 months of the withdrawal date.

Loan Interview
Each applicant will meet with 3 members of the WCI Loan Committee for a conversation to:

  • Review the loan process
  • Review the application form
  • Exploration of Need: What brought you to WCI? We know that you shared this in your application process. Has anything changed? Is there anything new you’d like to share? Where do you see this training taking you, what difference will it make in your life?

The student will be informed of the decision within a week of the interview.

Vidar Loan Application Deadline
June 15th each year, before programs begin

Vidar Loan Application Form
The deadline has passed for this year. Please check back later for next year’s application form.

IDEA Scholarship

WCI IDEA Scholarship ~ IDEA: inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility

The goal of this scholarship is to ensure that there is support for applicants from underserved communities who wish to enter into one of the two training programs offered by the West Coast Institute. This scholarship program is offered with the support of donations to the West Coast Institute.

At the West Coast Institute we understand that each human being is an entity of body, soul and spirit; we respect the integrity and individuality of everyone. 

We strive to provide education that is representative of the society we serve, acknowledging that this society includes all ages, a variety of gender identities, and diverse cultures and ethnicities. The greatest impact we can have on this effort is by making our educational training programs accessible and welcoming to a rich and diverse body of students. To this end we have established a scholarship fund for teacher training that is dedicated to aiding students from underserved groups and communities, with priority given to Black and Indigenous candidates.

The systemic change that is being undertaken in the Waldorf movement includes welcoming and making nourishing and inclusive space for more teachers of color who will infuse the work of Waldorf education with their authentic lived experience and perspective. In this way, as we take up the task of examining our role and responsibility in perpetuating systems of racism, we work towards a more just and equitable future for Waldorf education and the communities it serves.

IDEA Scholarship Application Deadline
June 15th each year, before programs begin

IDEA Scholarship Application Form
The deadline has passed for this year. Please check back later for next year’s application form.

WCI Bursary Fund

Bursary funds are available for second and third year students to attend the WCI training who would not otherwise be able to participate for financial reasons.

An amount of funds will be set aside for bursaries every year. The amount will be determined when developing the budget.

Bursary Application Deadline
June 15th each year, before programs begin.

The deadline has passed for this year. Please check back later for next year’s application form.

Other Financial Assistance Options

The Michael Foundation

The mission of The Michael Foundation is to foster, to promote and to support the advancement of quality Waldorf Education in North America (Canada, Mexico, USA.)

This Foundation will accept applications for the first year at WCI because our programs include curriculum courses in the first year.

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Douglas Cardinal Foundation for Indigenous Waldorf Education

Vision: To promote, support and perpetuate Indigenous language, tradition and the wisdom of the Elders through Waldorf education.

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PEO Sisterhood (USA)

Women helping women reach for the stars

Someone applying for this would need to contact, meet, and be nominated by their local PEO Chapter. There are chapters spread around the whole of the USA.

The members of the local chapters are there to help support other women reaching for higher education. Once you have been interviewed by them, they are exceptionally helpful in going through the process.

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ARISE Charitable Trust (Whidbey Island, USA)

Women rising up to their full potential

This organization is a small local organization; any woman that comes from Whidbey Island has a strong chance of receiving some funds from them.

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