Grades Level Courses

Due to covid restrictions, our courses will be held online in this summer.

Continuing Education for Waldorf Class Teachers

This summer we are offering current Waldorf class teachers the opportunity to join our Grades Teacher Training Program, online, to audit Curriculum Courses. Auditing participants join in the learning through observation and listening. Other than when invited into breakout room conversations, auditors are quiet participants.

Course participants will join in relevant sessions online, and are asked to pay an auditing fee of $25 per class, with 5 classes per course ($125.00) other than Science and Learning Support, which are each 10 classes ($250.00).

Registrants will be sent an invoice and payment and participation instructions via email.

All times are Pacific Time.

Auditing is open to all current Waldorf class teachers.


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Week 1 Courses, July 5 to 9, 2021

Grade 3 Old Testament with Kathleen Taylor
8:00-9:30am (5 classes)

Learning Support with Kris Boshell (previously Remedial Education)
2:00-3:30pm and 3:45-5:15pm (10 classes)

Grade 6-8 Science with Wade Cavin
8:00-9:30am and 9:45-11:15am (10 classes)

Week 2 Courses, July 12 to 16, 2021

Grade 4 Human Being and Animal with Hans Peter Mothes
9:45-11:15am (5 classes)

Grade 4 Norse Myths with Kathleen Taylor
11:30am-1:00pm (5 classes)

Grade 3, 4 Math with Chris Bennett
2:00-3:30pm (5 classes)

Grade 6 History: Ancient Rome & the Middle Ages with Michael Preston
8:00-9:30am (5 classes)

Grade 6-8 Geometry with Chris Bennett
9:45-11:15am (5 classes)

Grade 6-8 Mineralogy, Astrology, Meteorology with Lisa Hitch
11:30am-1:00pm (5 classes)

Grade 6-8 Geography with Lisa Hitch
3:45-5:15pm (5 classes)

Week 3 Courses, July 19 to 23, 2021

Grade 4 Geography with Rebecca Watkin
11:30m-1:00pm (5 classes)

Grade 7 History: Renaissance, Reformation & Explorers with Michael Preston
8:00-9:30am (5 classes)

Grade 6-8 Hygiene, Physiology, Anatomy with Jelena Jaehnig
9:45-11:15am (5 classes)

Grade 7 & 8 Math with Chris Bennett
11:30am-1:00pm (5 classes)


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Other Courses & Workshops

This summer we are also offering two courses for Early Childhood Educators, and two courses open to everyone. All courses will be held online this summer.

Grades Program Director

Lisa Masterson | 949-220-3193


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